CH. Head over Heels of the Morning Valley
Parents are:
Born 21-10-2006
2 nd place   res.VDH-CH Lingen
1 st. place  JCAC Groningen
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Twokey at the GRCN clubshow 2008
Diedersdorf 2008
2nd place    rCAC, rVDH-CH Diedersdorf
Meisdorf    29-06-09 CAC, VDH-CH
1 st place CAC, VDH-CH, Jubileum sieger Meisdorf 2008
1st place CAC, VDH-CH Gelsenkirchen 5-07-08
2nd res CAC, res VDH-CH Cloppenburg
2nd res CAC, resVDH-CH  04-09-08 Lich
1st CAC, VDH-CH Leipzig`13-09-08
2nd res CAC,res VDH-CH 27-09-08 Kreuztal
2ndrCAC,rVDH-CH17-10-08 Dortmund
1st CAC, VDH-CH 18-10-08 Dortmund
1st CAC, VDH-CH , BOB ,12-07-09 Hoisdorf
Jubileum Sieger Meisdorf 2008
5x CAC, 6x VDH-CH, 4x res CAC, 4x res VDH-CH
Gelsenkirchen winning  CAC, VDH-CH
Elbows 0-0
eyes clear,  
Dortmund 18-10-08 CAC, VDH-CH
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CH. Dream Max An Apple A Day
X Jr .CH. Moondust Highlands Herritage