The Morning Valley
Golden Retrievers
We live in a small town in the province of Groningen. We moved to this place especially for the dogs.They have lots of space  to run free and play with us and eachother.

We bought our first golden in 1986 and started showing him, with succes .
Naldo was his name and because we fell  in love with the breed, two years later we deceided to have a bitch,

Her name  was CH Flamy Fawna of the Hellacious Acres bred by Bart en Mirjam van Maren.
Unfortunatly she passed away in 1998 , of old age.

CH.Flamy Fawna
CH, Flamy Fawna of the Hellacious Acres  won 8 CC's and het highlight was winning best bitch at the dutch Golden Retriever Club show.  

Her grand daughter Lourdes gave us Precious and CH Bliss, together with Snowdon.

We started up another line by importing a bitch from Finland from Kari and Liissi Lehtonen, this is Majik Maid Marian.
She gave us Muireann which we mated to CH.Inassica's Snowstorm from Sweden, and out of this litter came Snowdon who was mated to Lourdes.

Precious was mated to CH.Apple Jack  wich resulted into Tinkerbell. She needs one more point for Int show Champion.

CH.Bliss was mated to our CH.DreamMax An Apple A Day, which gave us Lady Apple, She will make her debute this year 2010.

We bought a new Bitch from The Moondust Kennel.
jr. CH.Moondust Highlands Heritage, unfortunatly she did not like the showring, but managed to get 2 CAC's anyway and become junior champion. She was mated to our Swedish import CH.Dream Max An Apple A Day. Also that was a great succes, They gave us , CH. Head over Heels of the Morning Valley
CH. Bliss of the Morning Valley
CH. Tinkerbell of the Morning Valley
CH.Head over Heels of the Morning Valley (TwoKey)
We imported two males from england  in 1995. They both became champion, and died of old age. CH Soneve Marius and CH Tamsbrook Prince O Thieves.

Now a little bit about our males  we have today:
We imported a male from Sweden ,who became CHampion, this is CH.Dream Max An Apple A Day

we kept a male from CH Bliss and CH.Dream Max An Apple A Day his name is Sheamus of the Morning Valley, who is doing extremly well for himself, he too, has become an Int. Show Champion.

His litter sister Sheer Magic is heading the same way.

A  new boy entered our home from France bred by Cathy and Gerard Sonntag   Int.SH. Ch. Ashbury Deep Impact
CH.Dream Max An Apple A Day
My Precious of the Morning Valley
Int.SH.CH. Sheamus of the Morning Valley
German Club Champion
Swedish Champion
German VDH-Champion
Dutch Champion
    INT.SH.CH.Ashbury Deep Impact
    Luxemburg junior Champion
    German junior Champion
    Sweedish Champion
    Leipzig VDH-Sieger 2009
    Junior sieger Brandenburg 2009
CH.Soneve Marius                              CH.Tamsbrook Prince O Thieves